All About Us

So having formed in 2006 with great success working with schools and youth clubs we noticed an increasing number of customers were continually contacting us to enquire whether we could provide a similar experience for their children or teenagers parties. We thought ‘ well why not ? ‘ though this was uncharted territory for us – so by repackaging our provision to include private events ( be it kids or adults ) we quickly found we had outstripped our traditional pool of public sector work and have continued to do so to this day.

Interestingly a pleasant irony with children’s parties in particular has been the children using their artwork as homework ! to take into school for a graffiti project they happened to be doing at the time – unbeknownst to us. Until they let on of course ! So the end result has gone full circle and is satisfying to note.

Spray painting requires a certain element of delicacy and precision and ( particularly at an event ) needs a controlled environment where this can be executed easily, ideally indoors at a hired venue. Outdoors is a lovely option if conditions are good on the day however an indoor or sheltered space at the event location must be the contingency to prevent the activity being hampered by the ‘Good Old British’ weather. Spraying paint, let alone trying to make art with it, is a tad tricky in the wind and rain !

We provide the correct protective wear ( fancy dress to some ! ) as expected: aprons or overalls, head coverings, goggles, gloves and overshoes. Masks come in two varieties – filtered respirators for traditional toxic based spray paint or dusts masks for non toxic water based spray paint. When spraying paint its best to be standing upright in order to have greater control of your spraycan so we provide easels and of course floor coverings to prevent paint staining the floor. Most events work; be it parties, get together’s or team builds, is based on paper or boards which is ‘take away-able’ though having said that ( dependant to your brief ) if it’s ‘paintable’ we’ll paint it.

Anyone familiar to our service, who has hired us year on year will have seen the development of our provision – and we desire to continue to do so because of the great satisfaction and enjoyment it brings to all. What we provide by way of a short demonstration is a simple step by step process for you to make a graffiti art painting. We do not ‘blind you with science’ and we don’t claim to the be the greatest graffiti artists on this planet. Our focus is on YOU as we know that a great majority of guests at any event are beginners who may have no idea what to do BUT would love to have a go by taking a risk and learn something new.

So who are we ? We are a husband and wife team ( Stuart and Avril Taylor ) who have a passion to introduce this activity to all because of the joy it brings. We are professional in appearance and approach – yes we have worked throughout the London area predominantly over the last 13 years however that is due of course to population density and having created a customer base there. We have worked further afield – as far as the Isle Of Skye so we do travel and enjoy it immensely. So even though we live in the South West we like the North and the East too ! The business ‘fringe benefit’ allowing us to sight-see and network with family and friends dotted around the UK so if you live in Whitley Bay or in the Lake District we would be more than prepared to travel up to you in our motorhome called MOHO !

NB. We are also National Trust members determined to make full use of their membership!

To give you a further overview, here are two lovely evaluations (specifically regarding our party provision) received recently from satisfied customers:

“I have now held three graffiti art parties in the last couple of years for my children. The great thing about them is that they appeal to all ages of child and both girls and boys. I have three children and my youngest was 10 and my eldest 14 when they had their parties and the youngest had attended one of Stu’s parties aged 8. Whether the children are artistically inclined or not with Stu’s help and the use of the many stencils he provides all the children find a subject that appeals to them and are able to produce some really good work, which they can then take home.

Stu has a very nice manner with the children and is able to keep them all interested in what they are doing. He and his wife Avril have been reliable and flexible with timings and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again”.

Sharon Cheek from Bromley

And another …..

“Dear Stuart

Myself, the children, and the other parents, were bowled over by the graffiti workshop party that you brought to us in October – thank you so much! The girls were absolutely hooked from the moment you dressed them up (the cool bandanas went down a storm!), to the fabulous teaching and guidance you gave them to create their very individual masterpieces, to the stunning finished products that they all took home. I have no idea how you and Avril kept 15 noisy 11 year old girls so entertained and engaged for so long, I think they would happily have carried on all afternoon! It was a real pleasure to give the kids such a treat, but also such a useful, interesting, and creative experience. Thank you!”

Heather Baldwin Tanner from Henley Upon Thames

So for business customers and public sector organisations all we need from you is a hired indoor space ie hotel conference room or conference marquee and for domestic customers a school / church / community hall or your garage space at home – simple really.

Check out our Types Of Venue Page which is handy to show venue providers our equipment set up – a tried and tested method that works time and again. If you are unsure about sourcing local venues in your home town there are a few links to venue directories on that page too.

We will liaise with you a date and time to install our equipment an hour or so prior to your event, then get ready to be thrilled by the art work you and your group will create with our help and have fun doing so.

Been let down at the last minute by your activity provider ? We understand these things do happen as we have averted a few near disasters over the years ! Yes most folk do tend to book well in advance for obvious reasons but give us a call – we will do what we can to help you 🙂

Our Testimonials page is worth noting – where you will see reviews which are raving about us.

Furthermore we support New Hope Children Foundation based in the country Malawi (South East Africa) , personally knowing Founder and Director Roy Maloney, so when you hire us a portion of your money goes to helping Roy to help children, families and their communities who are in dire need of basic life essentials. Have a look at the New Hope Children’s Foundation page to find out more of the great work Roy and his team have done so far thanks to your generosity.

So here’s to a busy 2019!

Look forward to hearing from you

Stuart Harry Taylor BA (HONS) Fine Art