Types of Venue

Here are various types of venue we have worked in over the years which are practical for our activity. To help you with room size here is the minimum space requirement for the activity ( in metres ):

10 guests:  9m x 3m or 27m squared

20 guests: 9m x 6m or 54m squared

30 guests: 9m x 9m or 81m squared

40 guests: 12m x 9m or 108m squared

50 guests: 15m x 9m or 135m squared

60 guests: 18m x 9m or 162m squared

NB. With the recent introduction of non toxic spray paints on the market we are now offering this as an alternative, particularly for indoor venue providers who would prefer minimal spray paint aroma. Furthermore no paint damage will occur to flooring as tarpaulins are used. Please mention this when sourcing venues near you.

Venue Directories