Q. What is the minimum age for guests who wish to participate?

A. The average age range should be 9 years upwards though a slightly younger sibling can join in too so not to feel left out.

Q. I notice you prefer customers to book indoor venues but can we hold our event at home in the back garden for instance ?

A. Yes you can and we still do providing you have the option ( if the weather is unkind on the day ) of a water tight and wind proof shelter be it a garage or large covered area like a purpose built shed. Professionally installed marquees can also be used – preferably adjoining to your house to prevent water ingress within the marquee. Of course if the weather is fine on the day – the greater the likelihood during late Spring, Summer and Early Autumn – then outdoors is always best.

Q. What clothing should the guests wear?

A. Not your best clothes please ! Preferably a change of old clothes and footwear appropriate for the time of year. >We will provide full body cotton overalls during the colder months and aprons during the Summer time plus overshoes and gloves for guests to help prevent paint staining their clothing, however we cannot be held responsible if guests get paint on their clothes – this is a spray paint activity. Please mention this on your invitations.

Q. Do all the guests take their paintings home after the event?

A. They do – the paintings are their very own masterpieces!

Q. What happens if guests accidently get spray paint on their skin / Is it dangerous ? Is it easy to wash off ?

A. Spray paint is basically acrylic paint designed to dry quickly. It isn’t dangerous and can easily be removed from skin using Baby Oil with a tissue or hand wipe.